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Inventive genius and tailored solutions

In the 1950s, Hidrostal’s company founder, Martin Stähle, learned of a demanding conveying task. The task was to quickly convey live fish with as little damage as possible. This task set his inventive genius to work and he developed the so-called screw centrifugal impeller pump, which he patented. In the decades to come, Hidrostal solved numerous challenging conveying tasks around the world. The products that were developed always catered to the specific needs of the customer. Today, Hidrostal is not only capable of series production on the basis of designs, which can be optimally combined, but also highly individual solutions.


The Hidrostal hydraulic system reliably and efficiently solves pumping problems in all application areas. For more than 60 years, Hidrostal pumps with their original screw impeller have been pumping wastewater, liquids with a high solid content, foodstuffs, slurry and sludge, fibrous materials, abrasive and gaseous media and much more.



By adding the SharkFin and JetDisk, the innovative FreeFlow-Technology increases the benefits of the Hidrostal hydraulic characteristics and improves the reliability of your pump installations.


IE3? - Premium Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the key for today’s pumping business. Therefore all manufacturers make promises about efficiency levels, especially for electric motors. The question is, if they are applicable for submerged wastewater pumps.